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There are many ways to practice reading beyond the classroom and incorporate it into your child’s everyday activities. Keep reading this post for five ways to encourage your child to work on their reading skills.

5 Ways to Practice Reading Skills at Home

  1. Making time to read together can be a great way to help your child work on their skills. Do this by creating a family reading time where they can read a book that speaks to their interests. A good rule of thumb is to start with a 10 to 15 minute reading time and build it from there.
  2. Practice reading with everyday tasks. Ask them to read signs on the way to school, help you out with instructions for their favorite recipe, or read newspaper headlines for you. These are great, low-stakes activities to practice reading without even noticing.
  3. Having a designated reading space at home can also encourage children to read at their own pace. This space should be well lit, be comfortable, and quiet for them to concentrate. A bonus could be to have a small bookshelf they can reach filled with their favorite books.
  4. Audiobooks are great resources for children to build their reading skills independently. To use audiobooks, get the book and audiobook versions of the same book and play it for them as they follow along with the words in the book. Start with picture books for young children and more complex ones for older children.
  5. Storytelling is innate to humans, and encouraging children to tell stories can help spark their creativity, imagination, and curiosity. This curiosity can be channeled into books about the types of stories they find interesting.

Reading skills can also be worked on in tutoring sessions. For information, call The Tutoring Center, Greentrails (Kingsland and Fry), TX, at (281) 944-9067 and ask about their excellent academic programs and their free diagnostic assessment.


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